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How to measure your dog for his new collar:

Use a tape measure around the middle of your dog’s neck, making sure it’s loose enough to get a couple of fingers underneath. If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and then measure the string with a ruler to get the right length.

Scout Dog collar sizing is as follows:

  • Small: fits necks 9″ to 13″

  • Medium: fits necks 13″ to 20″

  • Large: fits necks 15″ to 23″

  • Extra Large: fits necks 17″ to 28″

If you are ordering a martingale collar, please consider the size of your dog's head relative to neck size. Most larger dogs need a large martingale; medium martingales are better suited for greyhounds, whippets, or smaller dogs.

Need a collar smaller or bigger than these sizes? Contact us for a special order.

Please Note: Only you can decide the suitability of these collars for your particular dog; fabric collars may not be appropriate for all dogs. Scout Dog collars are made of the highest quality fabrics and buckles, but cannot guarantee the suitability for your dog and your intended uses. Please use your best judgment based on your knowledge of your dog, and in purchasing these products, you accept all responsibility for the safety of your dog and of others. Under no circumstances is any product offered to be used for personal safety.

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