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Scout Dog collars are designed with big dogs in mind! Collars are constructed using four layers of fabric and eight layers of stiffening material, creating a very strong and crisp-looking collar. All collars are produced using industrial equipment and threads, and feature all metal buckles and hardware.

We offer collars in two styles:

Traditional: collars with flat quick release buckles. We make our collars with nickel-plated metal as it's much stronger and secure than plastic.

Loop Martingale: collars with two loops; the larger fits over your dog's head, and the other clips to your leash. When your dog pulls (but of course your dog never does that!), the loops tighten, making it impossible for your dog to back out of his collar. In this model, both loops are made with fabric, along with all metal hardware for security.

If you have questions about which style collar is best for you and your dog, Scout Dog recommends consulting a reputable trainer who specializes in positive reinforcement methods. To search for a trainer in your area, visit the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website.

Please Note: only you can decide the suitability of these collars for your particular dog. Scout Dog collars are made of the highest quality fabrics and buckles, but cannot guarantee the suitability for your dog and your intended uses. Please use your best judgment based on your knowledge of your dog. In purchasing these products, you accept all responsibility for the safety of your dog and of others. Under no circumstances is any product offered to be used for personal safety.

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