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I found my dog Scout and his brother on a Sunday morning in South San Antonio, sitting on the side of the road in their empty Budweiser box like two teenagers sleeping off a great Saturday night. I brought them home and watched them eat and then sleep in my backyard, alternating between a shady nest under an ancient nandina and a cool spot under the window AC drip.

I never intended to have a dog – I always thought they were too needy and high maintenance – and these two puppies proved me right. They were eight weeks old, skin and bone, bald in spots from ringworm, and with tummies bloated from parasites. Knowing these two would never stand a chance in San Antonio’s overfull shelters, I took them to the vet and began nursing them back to health. Eventually Scout’s brother found his forever home elsewhere, but Scout, ever the ugly duckling, stayed with me.

It’s been nearly fourteen years since the day I brought him home, and he’s changed nearly everything about my life. I adopted a shy Great Pyrenees mix to keep him company, and together the three of us have traveled the country. Scout’s become a Canine Good Citizen, earned his TT through the American Temperament Test Society, and his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree through the Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) program.

I started Scout Dog because I could never seem to find a collar to suit him – he is by turns a dork, a best friend, a hunter, a lover, and a couch potato – and I figured there must be many dog owners out there like me, who have dogs that need something just a little special. Scout’s inspired me, and I hope he inspires you too.

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